Freight rail representatives testify before Congress

A U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing delved into an array of critical subjects pertaining to the freight rail industry, including extended trains, employee morale, and the impact of technology on operations.

Throughout the hearing, these topics faced intense scrutiny and sparked robust discussions among the five witnesses present. The primary focus of the hearing was to address the ongoing concerns raised by various stakeholders regarding the challenges faced by the supply chain in the freight rail sector.

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Locus Robotics plan to deploy 5K robots worldwide in part of deal expansion

DHL Supply Chain has announced its plans to further enhance its fulfillment automation partnership with Locus Robotics. This time, the company is committed to deploying an impressive fleet of 5,000 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) worldwide.

According to a recent press release, the cutting-edge Locus Origin AMRs will be fully integrated into numerous warehouses and distribution centers belonging to DHL Supply Chain, totaling 1,500 locations globally. The deployment is expected to be completed by the end of this year, reinforcing DHL’s commitment to advanced automation and optimization.

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New alert system for semiconductor supply chain launched in EU

The European Commission recently launched a new semiconductor supply chain alert system that will allow companies and customers to raise awareness of any disruptions within Europe’s semiconductor supply chain. The Commission said the Semiconductor Alert System will help it gather information needed to establish risk assessments and quickly react to any potential crisis situation.

The introduction of the pilot program will be part of the third pillar of the recently introduced European Chips Act, which aims to strengthen and monitor Europe’s semiconductor supply chain.

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