Transport Carriers and Logistics Providers can use easy-to-use application process interfaces (API) to connect with customers, suppliers and logistics partners for real-time data sharing and collaboration.

With Freightgate’s ERP and TMS integration services for transport carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs and NVOCCs, the core logistics management processes can be viewed, shared, managed, and collaborated in real-time.

Our easy-to-use application process interfaces (API) enable logistics providers to seamlessly integrate their data and custom cloud-based database management systems for tracking business resources such as accounting AR/AP, inventory, and production capacity along purchase orders, sales, scheduling, booking, and RFP bid/quotation management. Have various departments and global partners integrate their information into a cloud-based easy to deploy management platform. Be able to plan for the future with yesterday and today’s record at hand. Make inform decisions about product planning, manufacturing, service delivery, shipment management, and inventory management.

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We specialize in End to End Logistics Management Information Sharing and Collaboration Solutions for transport carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs and NVOCCs. Integration your data with ERP, TMS, Mobile Solutions and other third party systems. Use our Logistics Management Platform to manage inbound and outbound shipments for all modes of transport both intermodal amd multimodal.

Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud Platform has integrated What-If-Scenario-Analysis routing and rating scenarios with best transport modes and cost factors. By viewing all possible constraints and maximizing opportunities, all the guesswork will be replace with reliable planning that customers and business partners can feel secure and confident in.

The Freightgate Team excels at finding innovative solutions for transport carriers, freight forwarders, 3PLs and NVOCCs to handle to ERP / TMS Integration Problems with our vast arsenal of flexible cloud technology tools – take a logistics cloud demo for logistics management and experience the difference yourself first hand. Share with us your toughest ERP / TMS Integration challenge and allow us to come up with a creative, potentially out of the box solution.

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