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As purchase orders move through the distribution center, workers must track inventory and ensure shipments are fulfilled in a productive and expedient manner. Freightgate’s Warehouse Management Solutions help to improve the efficiency of inventory control between warehouses, logistics providers and within the global supply chain.

For Warehouse / Distribution Centers who want to improve logistics management, Freightgate offers Warehouse Management Solutions to manage all aspects of supply chain execution (SCE) tasks: planning, procurement, warehousing and transportation. Frightgate’s EDI solutions include EDI integration for trading partner and a fully compliant Electronic Freight Management Platform (EFM).

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Our Logistics Cloud platform provides supply chain visibility, business intelligence, operating cost reduction tools with detailed spend management for our Warehouse / Distribution Center clients. It is a versatile collobrative platform that allows Warehouse / Distribution Center stakeholders to view and share information specific to their roles. A Logistics Management TMS built customer-centricity with your business rules where all involved parties can collaborate on efficient goods movement and timely intervention on exceptions before they become costly problems. Seamless Integration into WMS and ERP systems.

Detailed visibility allowing all parties to collaborate simultaneously together, share information in real-time, immediately execute and optimize orders for efficient transportation spend management, shipment routing, and on-demand delivery. A complete array of tools specifically designed for Warehouse / Distribution Center clients – including white boards, customizable dashboards, real time KPIs, on-line metrics and scorecarding, and color coded escalation — ensures that your human assets spend their valuable time only on those situations that require immediate attention and frees them to plan and coordinate future activities in the business environment.

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We understand Warehouse / Distribution Center executives are seeking significant value from their Warehouse Management Solutions. Some of the many features of the Warehouse / Distribution Center Logistics Management Dashboard include:

  • Integrated Activity Logs to plan and optimize orders
  • Sales Pipeline Management to monitor key metrics
  • Dynamic Aggregation by Account/User/Month
  • Embedded read receipts for Shipping Quote Tracking
  • Freight Rate and Procurement Bid Management
  • Supports all modes of Transport: Ocean, Air, Truck, Rail, Courier
  • Cross-modal Comparison integrated with up-to-date Transportation Schedules
  • Track and Trace Visibility and Event Management
  • Carbon Footprint Tracking and Modeling
  • Sophisticated Compliance Tools
  • Smart Document Management and creation
  • Built-in Business Intelligence /Analytics and Scorecards
  • Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
  • Easy integration with ERP, CRM, SCM, TMS and WMS systems
  • Built 4 NetSuite Partner, Goldmine, SAP compatiable
  • Highly scalable, adaptive easy-to-deploy modules
  • Cloud Technology for real-time information sharing

Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud Platform, known as the Freightgate Universe, enables Warehouse Management Solutions empowering professionals on all levels to collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network. It encompasses ISO9001:2008-certified end-to-end transportation management processes from procurement, rate management, optimization, execution and visibility, carbon footprint, through invoice audit & pay. The Freightgate Universe is comprised of adaptive easy-to-deploy modules to help warehouses / distribution centers leapfrog into the 21st logistics management with minimal start-up cost. Freightgate is the only commercial EFM compliant platform enabling standardized web-services as promoted by the US-DOT and Transport-Canada.

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