The Shipping Act allows ocean common carriers, either individually or through agreements, to negotiate and execute service contracts with one or more shippers or shippers’ associations. Under service contracts, shippers make a commitment to provide a certain volume or portion of cargo over a fixed period of time and carriers commit to a specified rate and a defined service level. The Shipping Act, requires common carriers and conferences to publish their tariffs with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).

If you are looking for a easier way to stay compliant with the Federal Maritime Commission FMC Tariff Publishing regulation. Look no further!! Freightgate’s FMC-Trek! is an easy to use publishing solution that leverage innovative technology such as fuzzy logic and other innovative algorithms to help you identify potential conflicts before you publish them. To make this the easiest decision yet, the non-traditional pricing will make it more attractive to stay compliant.

Reduce Overall FMC Compliance Costs

  • Publish your TLIs (tariff line item) for pennies.
  • No additional charges for commodities or rules
  • Web based filing from any where in the world

Why use a third party to help with your tariff line items when you can publish them yourself for pennies? Freightgate Universe allows easy access to updating and managing your own TLIs. Outsourcing TLIs management is no longer needed when access is available at your own fingertips. Use our Freightgate Universe to expedite the process and to save on your bottom line.

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Reduce FMC Tariff Publishing Administrative Costs

  • Become FMC compliant without spending a fortune
  • Publish accepted Quotes with ease directly
  • XML enabled data input (optimal)
  • Seamless integration into virtually any booking system, reducing multiple entry, data inaccuracies, and even human reviews

It’s never been easier to stay in compliance. Freightgate Universe allows quick and easy access to acceptable quotes. Publish tariff rate quotes at ease when using our advance FMC-Trek! system.

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FMC Tariff Publishing Solutions and Benefits

  • Improve your FMC Regulation Compliance
  • Stay fully compliant with United States Federal Maritime Commission
  • Intelligent conflict check (identifying potential tariff conflicts)
  • Conflict email alerts as well as an online conflict pool for those awaiting resolution
  • Automatic addition and removal of tariffs based on effective and expiration dates
  • Seamless integration into virtually any booking system, reducing multiple entry, data inaccuracies, and even human reviews.
  • Flexible and powerful archive tariff search

Have access to the Freightgate Universe enabled data input. Extract data from databases with ease and transform the way data is collected and organized. Freightgate’s system is designed to skip the middleware and allow users immediately access to information needed.

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