Netsuite Transportation Management Software

Freightgate for NetSuite – Total Visibility and Control of Your Global Supply Chain

Freightgate is a leading Best-in-Class provider of Netsuite Cloud Logistics Solutions for global shippers, freight forwarders and transportation carriers working to effectively manage the complex and demanding information flow in today’s worldwide supply chain.

Freightgate for NetSuite opens the door to Cloud Logistics and the Freightgate Universe.

The Freightgate Universe encompasses ISO9001:2008-certified end-to-end transportation management processes from procurement, rate management, optimization, execution and visibility, carbon footprint, through invoice audit & pay. Freightgate is the only commercial Electronic Freight Management (EFM) compliant platform enabling standardized web-services as promoted by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport-Canada.

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NetSuite Cloud Logistics – Transportation Management Software

  • Best-in-class, adaptive, and easy-to-deploy modules to help companies leapfrog into the 21st century with minimal start-up cost.
  • Supports all modes of Transport: Ocean, Air, Truck, Rail, Courier
  • 5-Leg Dynamic Routing
  • Cross-modal Comparison
  • Carbon Footprint Tracking
  • Integrated up-to-date Transportation Schedules
  • Integrated Compliance Tools

Almost every business needs to ship goods inbound and outbound. Transportation choices need to be optimized in n-dimensions that go beyond price. Smart routing choices can save both time and money, yet they are not apparent to desk-level personnel. Access the most sophisticated TMS Transportation Management Platform utilized by many Best-in-Class organizations to reign in ever increasing transportation expenses. Freightgate is a complete cloud logistics solution with access from within Netsuite.

Find optimized routing choices using dynamic multi-leg routing across multiple origins and destinations. Once shipped, manage your supply chain by exception with unsurpassed global visibility and last leg management. Feel the power of reliable transportation information and execute the best logistics decisions. Leveraging NetSuite’s Single Sign On, you gain instant access to Flight Schedules, Sailing Schedules, Compliance Tools (Denied Person Screening), access the most powerful dynamic rating and routing tool available anywhere to perform cross-modal transportation analysis, carbon footprint calculations and book with ease directly with Freightgate’s partner carriers.

Freightgate has been named a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for last Ten Consecutive Years. Freightgate has been the early pioneer in cloud computing and mobile applications for logistics and global supply chain management.

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