Shadow inflation: Shipping costs are up way more than you think

Of all the goods and services in the world, it’s hard to find a better pick than ocean container shipping. As rates have skyrocketed, delivery reliability has collapsed amid historic port congestion.

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Biden races clock but holds few tools in Supply Chain Crisis

U.S. ports are full of goods, U.S. yards and warehouses are full of goods, hardly anyone wants to drive a truck to pick up and deliver those goods and those who do sit waiting in lines, often unpaid. 

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To battle congestion, California seeks private, public land for container storage

Government officials are taking more steps to address the supply chain crisis and the backlog of containers that have piled up at Southern California ports.

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Trucking expects LTL, TL rates to soar through 2021

Trucking experts said in April they didn’t fear a bust in the market this year. That attitude remains, as multiple stakeholders expect continued demand.

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