Cargo jam at L.A and Long Beach ports begins to ease as hefty fines loom

In mid-October, when the White House announced it was wading into the logistics logjam at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in a bid to unclog the supply chain before Christmas, 58 container ships were waiting offshore.

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Biden boasts about 24/7 port operations 

The president visited the Port of Baltimore to highlight his efforts to reduce congestion on the first stop of his infrastructure deal victory tour.

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Supply chain desperation: Georgia airport to store ocean containers

Cargo congestion at the Port of Savannah is so severe that officials plan to use a small airport in Georgia as a temporary overflow yard, one of several locations being rushed into emergency service to relieve port infrastructure buckling under the strain of record volumes.

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Zero-carbon shipping plan targets container, iron ore routes 

Shipping routes for the transport of iron ore from Australia to Japan and containerized goods from East Asia to Europe are at the center of plans to slash maritime carbon emissions by 2030

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