FedEx, Mountain Air Cargo deploys Cessna SkyCourier freighter

FedEx became the first company to launch cargo operations using the Cessna 408 SkyCourier, an anticipated feeder aircraft that allows for the handling of containerized cargo.

Mountain Air Cargo, which operates other feeder aircraft on behalf of FedEx, completed the first revenue flight this month, according to a social media post.

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Railway contract with China terminated, Uganda in talks with Turkey

Uganda said it terminated a deal with a Chinese contractor to build a $2.3 billion railroad after it failed to secure Beijing’s financial backing for the project.

The East African nation has been in talks with Yapi Merkezi to take over the development of the project, and expects the Turkish company to submit an expression of interest in weeks, according to Perez Wamburu, Uganda’s project coordinator.

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California trucking: Older engines off the road

California’s trucking sector kicked off the new year with an updated set of regulations and a visit from the secretary of labor, with the state’s AB5 independent contractor law as a regulatory backdrop.

The latest step that went into effect on the road to a fleet of zero-emissions vehicles by 2035 is that on Jan. 1, no vehicles with an engine prior to the 2010 year could be on the road. The vehicle itself can be older, as long as it has an upgraded engine.

There are no signals from the market of a squeeze in capacity as a result of the Jan. 1 changeover, which is the latest graduated step that started by taking pre-1994 vehicles off the road at the start of 2015.

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