Alliances schedule 75 blanks for Q3, as hopes of peak season demand fade

2M partners Maersk and MSC are to extend the suspension of their AE2/Swan Asia-North Europe and AE20/Dragon Asia-Mediterranean loops into the peak season.
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COVID-19 Supply Chain Resources & Strategies

The traditional ways of managing the supply chain may have changed forever as COVID-19 brings heightened awareness of its fragility.Every shipper, carrier, and logistics manager appreciates there could be a significant paradigm shift for future sourcing and inventory management.
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Employee Safety in Covid19: How Can Companies Prioritize Employee Safety During a Global Pandemic?

Well into the Covid19 pandemic, companies continue to look for ways to adapt and keep operations running. But companies don’t work without employees and employees don’t work if they don’t feel safe and secure in an environment that is currently under siege. Brad Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of XPO Logistics, joins us to detail how XPO moved quickly to prioritize employee safety while continuing to provide essential infrastructure services.
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BGSA Supply Chain Index, the definitive measure of stock market performance of the broadly defined supply chain industry.

The BGSA Supply Chain Index tracks nine
segments within our core coverage area of
supply chain and logistics: Logistics, Global Parcel / Logistics, Truckload, Less Than Truckload, Railroads / Rail Services, Supply Chain Technology and Software, Technology Distribution, Healthcare Distribution, Energy Transportation and Logistics.

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US top ports expect moderate import rebound in second half

US import and export volumes in the first three months of 2020 show a continued trend toward growth of East and Gulf Coast ports at the expense of West Coast ports. East Coast ports..
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