Container Shipping’s stranger-than-fiction first half of 2021

If the story of shipping’s first half were published as fiction, a critic might say: “Wildly inventive but highly implausible. Way too over-the-top. Too cluttered. Remember, less is more!”

And yet it’s all true. 

Here’s a look back at the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction first six months on 2021, as recounted in American Shipper:

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Supporting Supply Chain Resiliency by Embracing the Principles of Continuous Design

Coupa recently hosted a webinar with Forrester about how continuous design can enhance supply chain resiliency.

As conditions continue to change, the ability to evolve operational and business models through continuous design will help organizations overcome the challenges of disruption.

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No Quick Fix for Semiconductor Shortage

The global microchip shortage dominating headlines for the past few months is now estimated to last well beyond 2022. Never slated as a short-term problem, it’s become a bottleneck as more and more companies put in orders for chips, and chip producers simply do not have the facilities to make them.

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FedEx, UPS take divergent LTL freight paths

UPS and FedEx, the two global parcel giants, have taken decidedly different paths regarding North American freight in the last few months. FedEx has decided to get deeper involved in LTL, even delivering bulky items ordered through e-commerce right through the doors of consumers.

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How supply chains contend with severe weather and climate disasters

When high winds howl, blizzards refuse to relent, ice coats the roadways and wildfires rage — many businesses shut down operations.

Supply chains do the opposite, finding ways to operate around the biggest storms.

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