LA-LB proves ability to handle mega-ships, but landside pressures remain

Terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach demonstrated this month their ability to handle record container exchanges in a single vessel call. Now the challenge will be to seamlessly orchestrate the landside handoff of containers as calls by mega-ships become increasingly common.
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Carrier capacity cuts send trans-Pacific rates into orbit

Remember those dire warnings that ocean carriers could suffer catastrophic losses and go bankrupt en masse, crippling the global container-transport system? Today, carriers are obtainin
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Spot Freight Strikes Back

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Blank sailings causing problems for Southern California truckers

Truckers in Los Angeles-Long Beach are dealing with sporadic gate closures and equipment return problems as blank sailings disrupt vessel schedules, but terminal operators say they are giving as much notice as possible of operational changes considering they control neither the vessels nor the equipment..
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Digitizing Your Supply Chain in 2020

The days of manual processes are gone and making decisions with data and insights is now more important than ever. Digitization provides these solutions. Emerging technologies are dominating conversations within the logistics and supply chain industries. In an age of rising customer demands and competition fueled by the ‘Amazon effect’ — data-driven…
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