Container rates rocket even higher – and there’s no end in sight

Another week, another record for container shipping spot rates. And alarmingly for shippers, upward rate momentum is accelerating.

Different indexes come up with different numbers, and the premium charges on top of spot rates are now so high that index rates no longer capture the true cost of ocean shipping. However, when various indices all move in the same direction, it does reflect changes in the supply-demand balance.

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Home Depot now has its own ship. That’s an ominous sign

One of America’s largest retailers, Home Depot (NYSE: HD), has just reserved a ship for its sole use. The move underscores just how tight trans-Pacific capacity has become and how worried retailers are about getting goods on shelves at any cost.

In an article published Sunday, CNBC interviewed Home Depot President Ted Decker, who said that the ship will exclusively carry Home Depot cargo, will begin service in July, and was employed because consumer demand caught Home Depot by surprise.

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Supporting the world’s sustainability goals, one pallet at a time

The companies that make, sell or rent pallets are working harder than ever to help customers achieve their supply chain sustainability goals.

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Air freight must alter its mindset before it can mine benefits from index data

The air cargo industry needs a better understanding of indices – and the role of the Baltic Exchange – if it is to fully benefit from the data provided, according to the exchange.

But some senior air cargo executives think the current business model and thinking of the industry must change before it can take advantage of products such as derivatives.

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