California asks shipping lines to avoid shore power during brutal heat wave

In an ironic twist, California officials are encouraging ocean-going vessels not to plug into shore power for several days to reduce demand on the electric grid during a record heat wave and instead use dirtier energy sources for power at berth because the electric infrastructure installed to cut pollution, including climate-warming greenhouse gasses, is now under threat.

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What’s preventing visibility in multi-tier supply chains?

With so many companies feeling the urgency to build resilience and better manage risk, with all the growing pressure to operate sustainability and with greater transparency on how and where products are manufactured and sourced, and with today’s ease and ubiquity for connectivity and information at one’s fingertips, what is preventing supply chain visibility?

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Automakers race to build EV battery supply chains in North America

Companies are pouring billions of dollars into new facilities and supplier agreements as they strain to secure needed raw materials.

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