EXCLUSIONS GRANTED: On June 9, 2020, the USTR announced additional exclusion requests granted to products on List 4A. CBP will issue instructions on entry guidance and implementation through its Cargo Systems Messaging Service.

All exclusions are available for any product that meets the description in the Annex to each notice and enumerated ten-digit HTSUS classification, regardless of whether the importer filed an exclusion request. The scope of each exclusion is governed by the scope of the product descriptions in the Annex, and not by the product descriptions set out in any particular request for exclusion. Clients may also benefit through filing Post-Summary Corrections or Protests for those entries now covered by a List 3 & List 4A product exclusion to secure refunds plus interest.

LIST 4A: The exclusions granted to List 4A products are reflected in 2 ten-digit HTS subheadings and 32 specially prepared product descriptions, which cover 55 separate exclusion requests, outlined in the Annex to the notice. These exclusions will apply as of the September 1, 2019 effective date of the $300 billion action, and are effective until September 1, 2020.

Details of the granted exclusions are below.


HTS# Heading / Subheading HTS Description
0505.10.0055 Product Specific Down of ducks or geese, not further worked than cleaned, disinfected or treated for preservation, meeting both test standards 4 and 10.1 of Federal Standard 148a promulgated by the General Services Administration, with a fill power of at least 315 cm3/g but not more than 580 cm3/g (described in statistical reporting number 0505.10.0055)
2933.69.6010 Product Specific Cyanuric chloride (IUPAC name: 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine) (CAS No. 108-77-0), 99.5 percent or higher in purity (described in statistical reporting number 2933.69.6010)
3924.90.5650 Product Specific Kneeling pads of plastics (described in statistical reporting number 3924.90.5650)
3926.90.9990 Product Specific Fittings of plastics, of a kind used to connect mop heads with mop handles (described in statistical reporting number 3926.90.9990)
4901.99.0093 Product Specific Printed books, in the Chinese language (other than dictionaries and encyclopedias, textbooks, directories, bibles testaments, prayer books and other religious books, technical scietific and professional books, art and pictorial books, hardbound books, and rack size paperbound books), containing 49 or more pages each (described in statistical reporting number 4901.99.0093)
5210.11.4040 Subheading Woven Fabric Of Cotton Sheeting
5210.11.6020 Subheading Woven Fabric Of Cotton Poplin or broadcloth
6116.10.4400 Product specific Women’s cut and sewn garden gloves, without forchettes cut and sewn from preexisting machine knitted fabric of polyester and cotton jersey, containing 50 percent or more by weight of rubber or plastics, clute cut (described in statistical reporting number 6116.10.4400)
6116.10.5520 Product specific Gloves cut and sewn of machine knitted fabric, without fourchettes, with applied polyvinyl chloride dots, such gloves containing 50 percent or more by weight of cotton, man-made fibers or wool, or any combination thereof and subject to man-made fiber restraints (described in statistical reporting number 6116.10.5520)
6116.10.6500 Product specific Gloves, containing less than 50 percent by weight of texttile fibers, coated with rubber or plastics designed for enhanced grip (described in statistical reporting number 6116.10.6500)
6116.93.8800 Product specific Gloves, cut and sewn of knitted fabric in chief weight of polyester, not impregnated, coated or covered with plastics or rubber, without fourchettes (described in statistical reporting number 6116.93.8800)
6216.00.1720 Product specific Gloves of vegetable fibers, without fourchettes, with applied dots of polyvinyl chloride (described in statistical reporting number 6216.00.1720)
6307.90.9889 Product specific Shells for pillows and comforters made from microfiber fabric consisting of filament yarns not more than 1.22 decitex such fabric with a weight of at least 55 g/m2 but not more than 155 g/m2 (described in statistical reporting number 6307.90.9889)
7217.20.3000 Product specific Round wire of nonalloy steel, hot dipped galvanized with zinc, containing by weight less than 0.25 percent carbon, measuring at least 1.5mm in diameter (described in statistical reporting number 7217.20.3000)
8305.10.0010 Product specific Ring binder mechanisms for loose leaf binders, each measuring at least 132mm but not more than 134 mm in length and at least 16mm but not more than 18mm in width, with 2 prongs seated underneath housing (described in statistical reporting number 8305.10.0010)
8481.90.1000 Product specific Three-way hand-operated valve part of brass, suitable for use as an input part on irrigation-grade valves (described in statistical reporting number 8481.90.1000)
8507.60.0020 Product specific Lithium-ion batteries of a foam other than size designations of the International Electrotechnical Commision (“IEC”) or the American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”), each producing not more than 45 V, with a capacity of at least 6,000 milliamp hours (mAh) but not more than 10 A hours (described in statistical reporting number 8507.60.0020)
8517.62.0090 Product specific Optical channel splitters (capable of converting between electrical signals and multiplexed optical signals) (described in statistical reporting number 8517.62.0090)
8529.90.1300 Product specific Television liquid crystal display (“LCD”) main board assemblies, each consisting of a printed circuit board containing a television tuner and audio and video components (described in statistical reporting number 8529.90.1300)
9003.11.000 Product specific Spectacle frames of plastics conforming to U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations as approved medical devices (described in statistical reporting number 9003.11.000)
9003.11.0000 Product specific Safety spectacle frames of plastics conforming to U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administrations standards (described in statistical reporting number 9003.11.0000)
9003.19.0000 Product specific Spectacle frames other than plastics (described in statistical reporting number 9003.19.0000)
9013.80.9000 Product specific Liquid crystal display (“LCD”) modules, not capble of receiving or processing a broadcast television signla, each with a video display diagonal measuring not more than 191cm (described in statistical reporting number 9013.80.4000)
9111.20.4000 Product specific Wristwatch cases of stainless steel, not gold- or silver-plated, including the sapphire crystal, the crown and the case back, each measuring at least 39mm but not more than 41mm in diameter and at least 8mm but not more than 10mm in thickness, weighing not more than 40g (described in statistical reporting number 9111.20.4000)
9111.30.4000 Product specific Watch dials of brass, each measuring at least 18mm but not exceeding 50mm in width and weighing at least 10g but not more than 20g (described in statistical reporting number 9111.30.4000)
9111.30.4000 Product specific Wristwatch dials of copper, each measuring at least 33mm but not more than 35mm in diameter (described in statistical reporting number 9111.30.4000)
9111.90.4000 Product specific Wristwatch hands, presented in sets each containing three hands (second, minute and hour) of copper, each hand-measuring at least 10mm but not more than 14mm in length, faced with lume paint (described in statistical reporting number 9111.90.4000)
9401.90.1085 Product specific Parts of child safety seats (described in statistical reporting number 9401.90.1085)
9506.91.0030 Product specific Unfinished pads and seats for weight-training exercise machines (described in statistical reporting number 9506.91.0030)
9507.20.8000 Product specific Fish hooks, not snelled (described in statistical reporting number 9507.20.8000)
9603.90.8050 Product specific Mop heads of polyester and rayon, lint free, disposable (described in statistical reporting number 9507.20.8000)
9603.90.8050 Product specific Tufts of swine hair bristles, oriented with the soft feather tipped ends of the hairs facing up and the hard root, ends of the hairs facing down, with the root ends of the hairs glued together to form a round bottom not more than 7mm in diameter, for incorporation into brushes (described in statistical reporting number 9603.90.8050)
9613.80.2090 Product specific Electrical spark lighters (described in statistical reporting number 9613.80.2090)

List 4 Exclusions Revoked

On May 28, 2020 the USTR (85 FR 32098 of 05/28/2020) revoked 2 List 4A exclusions granted under 9903.88.47:

HTS# Heading / Subheading HTS Description
3924.10.4000 Product specific Tumblers or disposable graduated liners for pitchers, of plastics, of a kind used in healthcare facilites (described in statistical reporting number 3924.10.4000)
8479.82.0080 Product specific Manually operated pill or tablet crushers of plastics, presented with attachable pouches of plastics for capturing and storing the resulting powders (described in statistical reporting number 8479.82.0080)

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