Oceanstar Express selects Freightgate’s Supply Chain Solutions Cloud Platform

Freightgate announced today that Oceanstar Express has selected Freightgate’s Supply Chain Solutions Cloud Platform to enhance its transportation services, with advanced n-dimensional routing for secure fast execution, event management and to improve collaboration with its customers.

Freightgate was the early pioneer for cloud computing and mobile applications within the logistics industry. Freightgate solutions support all Supply Chain Management transportation functions from Procurement, through Rate Management, Optimization, Execution and Visibility to Invoice Audit & Pay. Freightgate’s Supply Chain Solutions Cloud Platform enables global shippers, forwarders and carriers to share global logistics information seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network.

Because of its impeccable track record of innovation Freightgate was most recently recognized as a Leading Logistics and Trade Service Provider by World Trade. Oceanstar Express is the first of several transportation service providers who responded to Freightgate’s Emerging Supply Chain Trends in 2012 – Why Freightgate is Your Predictable Solution – Freightgate News.

Oceanstar Express is an upcoming leader in innovative global logistics and supply chain services. Founded in 2005, Oceanstar Express provides a single point of logistics management and coordination control for global supply chains. From raw materials at the source to finished goods at point-of-purchase, Oceanstar Express manages the supply chain process worldwide.

More companies like Oceanstar Express are exploring vested outsourcing for supply chain and logistics requirements forming closer alliances with transportation software companies specializing in customizable cloud computing solutions. The increasing demand for better collaborative business processes, rate management, and logistics procurement with greater execution capabilities is beyond the knowledge base, response time, and budgets of most in-house I.T. departments.

Freightgate’s Supply Chain Solutions are custom-tailored to provide collaborative manageability of freight rates, lead times, capacity allocations, faster quotations, better yields and more sales without straining operating budget and expenditures.

It takes no crystal ball to predict that 2012 will be another tough year for transportation service providers. The bottom-line margin between winning and losing is speed of execution and delivery. Keywords like collaboration, cloud computing, and responsiveness will dominate the supply chain landscape. The winners will be shippers and carriers who form closer alliances with transportation software companies to brainstorm and create better and faster collaborative solutions.

Tell us how Freightgate can assist you on your road ahead. To schedule a No-Obligation Demonstration of Freightgate’s Cloud Solutions, please complete form at: www.freightgate.com/demo or call Freightgate Sales at (714) 799-2833, email: sales@freightgate.com.

About Freightgate
Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate team has been developing Internet solutions for the freight and logistics since 1994, such as its industry-leading Logistics Cloud Platform, offering Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; TMS, Global Tender Bid Management; Least Cost Routing, Service Contract and Quote Management; Regulatory Compliance CBP and FMC; Automated eInvoice Audit and Payment; innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; interactive online Sailing Schedule; BFN (Built for NetSuite) approved SuiteApps. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

About Oceanstar Express
Oceanstar Express provides innovative global logistics and supply chain solution services. Founded in 2005, their established network of partners allows them to deliver seamless end-to-end supply chain solutions globally. Oceanstar Express provides a single point of global shipment planning, execution, and control. They keep our customers updated of the changes and improvements in international logistics services. They are focused on improving efficiency and finding opportunities in their customers’ supply chain to make them more competitive. Their full range of supply chain services reduces costs and increases profit potential. They integrate comprehensive and innovative services to meet their customers’ unique requirements. Oceanstar Express is an FMC Licensed NVOCC and Freight Forwarder. For additional information on Oceanstar Express visit them on the web at: www.oceanstarexpress.net