Emerging Supply Chain Trends in 2012 – Why Freightgate is Your Predictable Solution

Every year transportation experts make predictions about their industry trends. Many predictions don’t always hit the mark, but they do stir up ideas and conversation. We have compiled five of the most predictable 2012 trends and how Freightgate can prepare you. Tell us what you see in your crystal ball.

Trend #1: More companies will explore vested outsourcing for supply chain and logistics requirements forming closer alliances with transportation software companies specializing in customizable cloud computing solutions. The increasing demand for better collaborative business processes, rate management, and logistics procurement with greater execution capabilities is beyond the knowledge base, response time, and budgets of most in-house I.T. departments.

Your Solution: Freightgate’s Supply Chain Solutions are custom-tailored to provide collaborative manageability of freight rates, lead times, capacity allocations, faster quotations, better yields and more sales without straining operating budget and expenditures.

Trend #2: Dynamic Customer Engagement will become a high priority between shippers and transportation service providers. Seamless, time-sensitive information flow is rapidly becoming essential for everyone in the loop to be informed simultaneously will create greater demand for event management, information visibility, collaborative what-if solutions, and data security.

Your Solution: Freightgate’s Electronic Freight Management is the only commercially available solution that implements the DOT recommended standard for on-demand logistics execution and supply chain collaboration for customers looking to implement cloud computing web services.

Trend #3: The convergence of cloud, mobile and information technology into a unified set of forces is shaping IT decisions and marketplace competitiveness. More companies will adopt cloud computing and mobile applications within their supply chain and logistics processes. The trends for cloud computing and mobile applications are creating faster collaborative sharing of information top down and bottom up creating teamwork synergies improving processes, financial results and quicker solutions to customer requirements.

Your Solution: Freightgate was the early pioneer for cloud computing and mobile applications within the logistics industry. Freightgate solutions support all Supply Chain Management transportation functions from Procurement, through Rate Management, Optimization, Execution and Visibility to Invoice Audit & Pay.

Trend #4: Strategic Transportation Procurement is coming Board of Directors decision. Transportation Procurement is no longer only about freight rates and service parameters. The procurement footprint is quickly expanding to include carbon footprint, security compliance, reduction of non-core costs, acceleration of business value, collaborative cloud-based analytical platforms, and more global environmental awareness.

Your Solution: Freightgate was instrumental in the initial development of a common Global Logistics Tender process, creating a centralized Cloud Collaboration platform to bridge existing gaps in communications, pricing, and data mapping in traditional Logistics Tender processes. Freightgate’s Tender Solutions are the most user-friendly, collaborative and flexible transportation procurement solutions in the logistics industry. Solutions are fully adaptable to both shipper and carrier RFP/RFQ tenders requirements. They enable global shippers, forwarders and carriers to share global logistics information seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network.

Trend #5: Response Management drives demand for quicker, timely decision-making, rapid planning and predictive analytics to scenario responses of unplanned events. Logistics in if ever-changing environment combined with marketplace competitiveness can impact fiscal results in hours not days. The goal of What-If scenarios is proactive anticipation instead of reaction. It equates to delivering the most timely knowledge and insights to ensure informed decision-making.

Your Solution: Within any logistics scenario there will be a multitude of dynamic situations, changing circumstances, variables both known and unknown, seasonal influences and other unique factors based on service capacity. Freightgate’s intelligent multi-dimensional routing engine calculates dynamic routing choices across different modes and inter-modal combinations. Execution level what-if applications are built directly into Freightgate Solutions to be used as part of the daily logistics decision-making to provide customer’s better yield and service selections.

Freightgate is your Answer to a Predictable 2012

Are you winning? It takes no crystal ball to predict that 2012 will be another tough year. The bottom-line margin between winning and losing is speed of execution and delivery. Keywords like collaboration, cloud computing, and responsiveness will dominate the supply chain landscape. The winners will be shippers and carriers who form closer alliances with transportation software companies to brainstorm and create better and faster collaborative solutions. Tell us what you see on your road ahead.

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About Freightgate
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