Webinar Recording: How to leverage the power of dynamic routings and multimodal rate engines

Become an effective shipper from leading companies who provide efficient and cost-saving tools that improve productivity levels and minimize the headaches that typically occur when dealing with freight bookings.

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CP Rail Agrees to Buy Kansas City Southern for $25 Billion

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. and the Kansas City Southern Railway will merge as part of a $25 billion transaction that will create a freight rail network that stretches from Canada to Mexico, the Class I railroads announced March 21.

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Tech solutions prove useless without real-world collaboration

The transportation industry has witnessed the transformative power of technology over the past several years. From electronic logging devices (ELDs) to virtual document sharing, digital tools have helped streamline operations in pretty much every segment of the industry. In an environment as hands-on as trucking, however, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds can prove challenging. 

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Shortage of New Shipping Containers Adds to Global Trade Turmoil

The world’s biggest makers of shipping containers are scrambling to meet a surge in demand for the metal boxes that shuttle some 90% of the goods around the global economy.

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Supply Chain News: Procurement Execs Share Insight on Impact of 2020

What lessons do procurement see from the strange year that was 2020? The UK’s SupplyManagement.com web site recently published excerpts of comments made by five very senior procurement managers at the recent Ecovadis Sustain 2021 conference.

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Solution elusive to avoid next LA–LB port backup

When the current massive backups at the Los Angeles–Long Beach port complex finally have been cleared out, which most expect to take months, there will remain an uncomfortable truth for shippers using this and other major US gateways: There is no solution currently on the horizon that will prevent the next meltdown, irrespective of what triggers it. On the contrary, the system as it is set up currently is structurally vulnerable to disruption with no easily achieved solution anywhere in sight.

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