The Ever Given, a 400-meter (1,312 foot) container ship, Tuesday became stuck in the canal sideways, with its bow wedged in one bank and its stern nearly touching the other, according to ship operators and images posted on social media. The ship, operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Group, is one of the world’s biggest ocean vessels. It can move more than 20,000 containers and is taller than the Empire State Building if turned upright.

Planet Labs Inc satellite image shows the Ever Given stranded in the Suez Canal, Egypt March 23, 2021.

The ship, which sails under a Panamanian flag, was headed for Rotterdam, Netherlands, from the Yantian District of China.

Since its grounding became big news, we were able to utilize our VisibilityCloud solutions to determine which other shipments and the backlog of shipments to come. 

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Freightgate VisibilityCloud image shows the backup of vessels caused by the Ever Given stranded in the Suez Canal, Egypt March 23, 2021.

Greg Knowler, editor at JOC suggests that “An option for shipping lines is to reroute vessels around Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, but that will add more than 3,000 nautical miles and another week to the transit time from Asia to Europe. Ships will also have to speed up to maintain their weekly schedules, and an increase of 2 knots over five days of extra steaming will burn an additional 1,000 tons of fuel.” 

Officials attributed the accident to high winds and sandstorms. Sandstorms are not unusual at this time of year in Egypt. Reports also suggest that the ship’s power failed, leading to drift from its course.

It is estimated the Ever Given will take at least two days to be pulled free, and at 400 metres, the container ship is too long to allow other vessels to pass. This is leading to a rapid build-up of ships both in the Red Sea heading north, and in the Mediterranean heading south. Even a two days delay would further add to the supply chain disruption slowing the delivery of cargo to businesses across the UK and Europe.

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