Freightgate Teaches Shippers How to Automate Global Logistics Tender and Freight Rate Management

Freightgate, a leading supply chain software solutions provider, is teaching global shippers, forwarders and carriers how to automate their Global Logistics Tenders and effectively manage freight rates in today’s complex and demanding supply chains.

Freightgate’s GTM-Trek and Ocean Tender are powerful Cloud-based Logistics Solutions to manage the critical procurement stage of a company’s Logistics Management Lifecycle. Freightgate is teaching shippers how to automate their global logistics tenders and freight rate management saving time and money. GTM-Trek with Ocean Tender generates and processes complex tenders for shippers and carriers in a consistent and efficient manner, enabling analysis, optimization and better strategic decisions.

Freightgate was instrumental in the development of a Global Logistics Tender process, creating a centralized Cloud Visibility platform to facilitate the communications, pricing, and translation of data formatting difficulties of the Global Logistics Tender process. Ocean Tender operating with GTM-Trek allows multiple logistics partners and carriers to work simultaneously on a Global Logistics Tender keeping important freight rate and contract information segmented and visible as it relates to specific providers. Freightgate’s Cloud-based Logistics Solutions enable global shippers, forwarders and carriers to share global logistics tender and freight rate information seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform allocating decision- making across their internal networks.

In a recent performance test, the manual estimation to complete a global logistics tender involving over 9,500 origin-destination rate combinations was estimated at 85.6 hours. GTM-Trek was able to calculate freight rates, data checking, and formatting in less than 10 hours. A total savings of 76.6 hours in labor cost with improved data integrity. This was a “8x productivity improvement” by using Freightgate’s Logistics Solutions.

U.S. Export Shippers and Ocean Carriers are about to begin their annual Ocean Transportation Freight Negotiations. Freightgate is offering a Confidential No-Obligation Demonstration of GTM-Trek and Ocean Tender solutions to automate Global Logistics Tender and Freight Rate Management.

To schedule a No-Obligation Demonstration of Freightgate Logistics Cloud Solutions, please complete form at: or Call Freightgate Sales at (714) 799-2833.

About Freightgate
Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate team has been developing Internet solutions for the freight and logistics since 1994, such as its industry-leading Logistics Cloud Platform, offering Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; TMS, Global Tender Bid Management; Least Cost Routing, Service Contract and Quote Management; Regulatory Compliance CBP and FMC; Automated eInvoice Audit and Payment; innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; interactive online Sailing Schedule; BFN (Built for NetSuite) approved SuiteApps. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified.