Demand for real-time supply chain visibility platforms

The Digital Transformation wave in business has turned the world into one big marketplace. Customers in one corner of the world can view and purchase goods from the other without hassle. While the digital connectivity has grown by leaps and bounds, ground-level connectivity needs to match up for the businesses to deliver their wares to the end customer. A key priority for shippers, 3pls, and their customers is an integrated logistics solutions that works across all modes and facilitates easy tracking.
Research by Gartner indicates that the growing demand for real-time transportation visibility platforms is trending up with the following key findings: 
• Visibility continues to be a top priority for supply chain leaders. Demand in the real-time transportation visibility market has continued to increase in North America and Europe. Asia/Pacific, although far behind in demand and maturity, is seeing more focus as end users are looking for a broader global scope.

• The vendor market continues to evolve and diversify with new players entering the market as well as existing vendors extending their capabilities and their modal and regional coverage. The first partnerships between companies in the different visibility segments were created in 2019 as visibility vendors were competing to have the most complete solution offering.

• Although visibility is high in demand and a key priority, companies still struggle with low market maturity for these solutions. This often results in lack of understanding of the quantitative benefits, a lack of quick carrier onboarding and often low quality and consistency of data.


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