Just in time for Earth Day — US President Biden just announced yesterday that he wants to make the U.S. the global climate leader. 

With the effects of climate change growing more noticeable, the global awareness of these matters has increased accordingly. The U.S Government is taking action to implement sustainability into our economy. “Climate change presents new challenges and opportunities for the U.S. economy,” Janet Yellen of the United States treasury said in a statement earlier this week. “The steep consequences of our actions demand that the Treasury Department make climate change a top priority.” 

While the topic and long-term solutions may seem overwhelming, sustainability does not have to be complicated or get done in a vacuum.

Dynamic Global Routing and Execution

Everyone in Logistics and Supply Chain is affected by the perfect storm with record high shipping rates, severely constrained capacity in all modes.  The calls for more Supply Chain Resiliency are louder than ever, yet a multi-dimensional optimization of alternate routing choices that could even attach a value to each ton of carbon emission appears on way to few radars.  Using Freightgate’s logisticsCloud — you can compare routing options across modes as well as leg combinations with ease using a single API call or interactive user query in the cloud platform.

Smart Procurement Options

Today there are smart procurement practices allowing companies to consider carbon emissions of their transportation choices.  Assigning values e.g. driven by the cost of carbon offsets; first by transporting their cargo on the most optimized route, another logical step for companies to set targets and report logistics emissions across their global supply chain. 

Using Freightgate’s procurement solutions, a company can measure and track emissions from their global supply chain. Additionally, they can provide insight on smart procurement practices to minimize emissions and provide the most optimal route for shipments to reduce supply chain costs as well as reduce the impact on the environment.

IoT Trackers and Recycling

Freightgate offers some of the most advanced IoT trackers in the market a natural vertical extension, perfectly augmenting the multi-layered PO & shipment visibility and event management while also offering a comprehensive recycling program. For 5G and 2G Solo single-use trackers weighing less than 100g, our customers can now add the best IoT tracking without negative impacts on the environment or their shipment.

With the help of forward-thinking individuals, innovative ideas, and creative solutions, we can lessen the impact we have on our blue planet.