Texas tells cargo ships to join Tesla and ‘escape California’

A month after Texas poached Tesla Inc.’s headquarters from California, it’s now trying to attract freight carriers dealing with near-record backlogs at the U.S.’s largest ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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Tacoma marine terminals impose $300 surcharge on container overstays

Two marine terminals at the Port of Tacoma in Washington are following the lead of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports by implementing steep fees on long-resting containers to reduce a large overflow that is gumming up operations and slowing the delivery of cargo.

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Maersk buys Senator International, advancing its air cargo ambitions

In yet another deal to grow-via-acquisition, Maersk is looking to expand its air cargo fleet in 2022 so it can provide shippers with alternative transportation that avoids port and over-the-road capacity constraints.

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