Ocean carriers will pass on fines for lingering containers to importers

Logistics industry professionals say retailers and other cargo owners will ultimately bear the cost of drastic new fees announced Monday by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in response to mounting congestion disrupting the entire U.S. economy.

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Port congestion is slowing flow of packages into UPS’ network 

Congestion at ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach is currently slowing the flow of volume into UPS’ U.S. network …

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U.S Retail Lobby sends S.O.S to congress on supply chain chaos

The U.S.’s biggest retail lobby asked Congress to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package as well as update shipping and trucking laws to ease a supply chain crisis that’s raising prices and causing shortages.

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SoCal port commissions endorse carrier fines for container backlogs

Harbor commissioners for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Friday unanimously approved a plan to penalize ocean carriers with a $100 surcharge, compounding daily, for containers that sit too long on marine terminals …

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