Layoffs and bankruptcies pile up in logistics

FreightWaves SONAR correctly predicted the start of a drop in the freight market in March 2022. Since then, the overcapacity spurred by the pandemic has caused freight-hauling rates to drop to 2019 levels — or worse. For the past 18-plus months, there have simply been too many trucks for too little freight.

However, the impact has gone beyond U.S. trucking fleets and freight brokerages. The problems are not confined to the United States or just trucking. Ocean carriers, railroads, air cargo carriers and freight forwarders around the world have been impacted as well.

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Port of Brunswick adds Mexico service as Georgia auto shipments skyrocket

The Port of Brunswick and ocean carrier Zim are offering a short-sea service from Georgia to Mexico, according to a press release emailed Wednesday.

The new service, called the Gold Star, is a “key option for automotive manufacturers looking for a fast, secure link when shipping into the U.S. via manufacturing sites in Mexico,” said Bruce Kuzma, VP of trade development for ocean carrier and non-container sales at the Georgia Ports Authority

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Robots outnumber people at UPS’s new warehouse

United Parcel Service Inc. just opened its largest warehouse, a sweeping 20-acre facility on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. But don’t expect the break room to get too crowded.

The package-handling giant plans to fill the $79 million facility with more than 3,000 robots by 2024 to handle tasks like lifting, reducing the need for manual labor. That level of automation means UPS can run the warehouse with only about 200 workers, which are expected to increase over time.

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