DHL: ‘Sustainable e-commerce is not any oxymoron’

Skyrocketing demands for e-commerce have supply chains scrambling to adapt and transition to more sustainable operations. A DHL white paper released Thursday explores the technologies that need to be further developed and the ways that e-commerce has a net-positive impact on the environment. 

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How the Global Pandemic Accelerated Supply Chain Visibility, Digitalization, and Automation

The many different facets of the digital supply chain have been moving into position for years.

Then, when the global pandemic emerged, it effectively pushed the final pieces of that puzzle into place – and faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

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Oakland congestion spurs Zim to reroute premium China service to LA

Zim Integrated Shipping Services for at least the next two months will reroute its premium service from North China to Oakland to call only in Los Angeles due to congestion and vessel backlogs in the Northern California port.

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Five Eco-Friendly Ways to Scale Up Your Logistics  

The supply chain is one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions — about a fifth of emissions come from multinational supply chains alone, research shows. But scaling up operations doesn’t have to be environmentally detrimental.

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