Supply Chain Re-Engineering

The advent of a global economy transformed the way we purchase goods. This meant that items could be both sourced and manufactured around the world, requiring an interconnected global supply chain to keep the constant flow of goods, moving from continent to continent and customer to consumer. A year ago this month, the supply chain’s around the world halted as the COVID-19 pandemic stretched to all corners of the globe, resulting in delays and out of stocks of critical health and consumer goods.

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Port of Montreal strike: Feds poised to intervene as work stoppage begins

As longshoremen began a general strike at the Port of Montreal on Monday, Canada’s federal government was moving quickly to intervene to force them back to work, citing the disruption to the supply chain. 

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Walmart gives diverse suppliers option for early payment to help increase access to capital

The pandemic pushed many supply chains to forge new connections to ensure product sourcing, and with that came work with historically underutilized businesses to increase supplier diversity. And buyers said they found that diverse suppliers bring more than just a feel-good benefit; they bring financial benefits too. 

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CH Robinson reprices contracts, hikes rates as truck capacity remains tight

The trucking market — along with generally every other freight mode — has been dealing with demand surpassing its supply of equipment and resources for months now, as consumer spending drives the need to restock inventories.

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Lufthansa replicates sharkskin to boost fuel efficiency of cargo jets

The microgeometry of a shark’s skin reduces friction and allows it to move faster in the water. Lufthansa Cargo is applying that same capability to its aircraft to save fuel in a fascinating case of man copying nature.

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