Rolling cargo incidents rise as China–North American capacity tightens

A growing volume of North American imports due to leave central and southern China over the past two weeks has been rolled to later sailings after a sudden surge in imports collided with the sharp COVID-19-related reduction in trans-Pacific capacity, four forwarders and a liner…
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2020 TMS Buyer’s Guide

View the TMS Buyer’s Guide and be sure to spot Freightgate! Supply chain disruptions created by the global pandemic, shifting capacity, fluctuating fuel costs, and demanding e-commerce customer requirements are raising shipper and carrier interest in transportation management systems (TMS).
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Download: Quarterly Shipper Rate Report

Featured insights include: First-quarter takeaways and future forecasts, Load volume and capacity review, Regulatory issues, New truck orders and the resulting impact.
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Companies Lean on Freight Technology to Untangle Scrambled Supply Chains

Technology designed to streamline supply chains in a pre-pandemic world is helping businesses cope with coronavirus-driven upheaval, from providing help adjusting to volatile swings in demand to tracking delivery of critical supplies.
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Restart Checklist: Requalifying Your Suppliers

As the coronavirus pandemic eases, the economy will roar back to life as millions emerge from lockdown. What are the questions you should be asking your suppliers?
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Air cargo capacity concerns fade, but rates still rising

Fears that the reopening of major economies will place further pressure on limited air cargo capacity are fading as airlines deploy growing numbers of passenger aircraft in all-cargo roles to supply countries battling the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Even so, there has been no easing of sky-high…
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