Apple to remove carbon from supply chain, products by 2030

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) said on Tuesday it plans to remove carbon emissions from its entire business, including its products and sprawling supply chain, over the next decade…
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Congressional commission challenges $700 million YRC loan

A bipartisan congressional commission questioned a $700 million US loan to YRC Worldwide, but its ability to scuttle the loan is questionable….
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Infographic | Supply Chain Digital Transformation Assessment

You may be considering upping your business game in the digital age. Looking for the right approach to digitizing your supply chain and be equipped with the leading-edge technologies you need…
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Chassis equipment issues reemerge at LA–LB port complex

The recent cargo surge in Los Angeles-Long Beach has resulted in another bout with chassis shortages and dislocations, but truckers and terminal operators expect the problem to correct itself if volumes return to normal next month…
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Podcast | Coming Out of the Crisis: A Playbook for Recovering Supply Chains

If we didn’t think supply-chain risk management was all-important before, we know it now. There’s been no lack of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and volcano eruptions to focus our minds on the importance of supply-chain risk and recovery. But the coronavirus pandemic has made that need more evident than ever before. …
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