FMC to assess whether container lines are abusing market power

he Federal Maritime Commission plans to audit nine of the largest container carriers operating in U.S. markets to find out if they are using their market power to overcharge shippers on detention and demurrage fees.

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Pandemic pushed fashion brands to prioritize supplier relations in quest for agility

During the pandemic, fashion brands frequently cited agility as a competitive advantage. They quickly realized suppliers played a pivotal role in building that advantage and helping the brands meet speed-to-market goals and keep costs under control.

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Rethinking Shipper-Carrier Relationships After the Pandemic

The lessons of the pandemic forced shippers to take a fresh look at the way they deal with carriers.

COVID-19 made shippers all too aware of the built-in weaknesses in their supply chains, and how easily a crisis of that sort can disrupt product flow.

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U.S.-China Trade Booms as if Virus, Tariffs Never Happened

China and the U.S. are shipping goods to each other at the briskest pace in years, making the world’s largest bilateral trade relationship look as if the protracted tariff war and pandemic never happened.

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Most Companies Kept Supply-Chain Sustainability Goals Despite Covid-19

Companies largely maintained their focus on supply-chain sustainability goals in 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic, and social issues such as worker welfare and supplier diversity gained more attention, according to new research.

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