Webinar: How to leverage the power of dynamic routings and multimodal rate engines

Freightgate and CargoChief have partnered up to show you the advantages of dynamic rates and real-time freight rate benchmarking and intelligence.

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Calmer Seas Ahead?

Shippers are facing never-before-seen container rates, as shown in the figure below, while service degradation has increased dramatically. The last time the industry saw such disruption was in 2010, following the Great Recession.

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Ocean carriers hold all the cards in contract talks with shippers

It’s annual-contract negotiation season for U.S. importers — and the hand they’ve been dealt couldn’t be worse. The deck is heavily stacked in ocean carriers’ favor.

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Global Trade’s Rebound; Seafood Supplies Frozen; Gaining in Grains

The big rebound in global trade from its collapse in the early stages of the pandemic is coming with a shift in the direction of goods flows.

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Winter storms squeeze capacity, drive spot rates up 20 cents

A thawing across the U.S. has restarted freight movement after transport networks stalled or slowed due to storms.

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