7 more sentenced in Luisiana truck collision insurance scam this month

Seven defendants have been sentenced this month in the Louisiana staged accident scam, but none of the sentences exceeded 18 months and several defendants received probation.

The scam collisions all followed a similar pattern: A truck (or in one case a bus) was identified by “spotters” and a group led by a “slammer” staged a collision. Various levels of litigation followed, with the passengers in the car claiming medical ailments arising from the collisions. In some cases, unnecessary surgeries followed. Payouts by insurers and truck companies ranged from a few thousand dollars to more than $1 million in a case involving C.R. England. 

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Bombardier works with suppliers to combat supply chain headwinds

Canada-based aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has implemented supply chain strategies to prevent production pressures, delivering 123 units in 2022, according to a Q4 earnings call.

Bombardier is leveraging its procurement influence through a team of specialists focused solely on alleviating key supplier and commodity challenges, Shauna Gamble, chief procurement officer at Bombardier, told Supply Chain Dive in an email.

“We have been deploying this team to our suppliers — from Tier 1 and even down to Tier 3 if necessary — so that they can work with the suppliers directly to identify any issues and find solutions before they’ve become a problem,” Gamble said.

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Tesla recalls more than 362,000 cars due to self-driving crash risks

Tesla Inc. is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles after U.S. authorities said its automated-driving technology could increase the risk of a crash.

The automaker’s so-called Full Self-Driving Beta system “may allow the vehicle to act unsafe around intersections,” including traveling straight through from a turn lane and proceeding through steady-yellow traffic lights, according to a filing on February 16th with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The system’s errors “increase the risk of a collision if the driver does not intervene,” the filing said.

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