Gartner Identifies Top Supply Chain Technology Trends in 2020

Gartner analysts have selected strategic supply chain technology trends that have a high potential for positive impact on people, performance and industries. Some are now reaching critical tipping points in capability and maturity..
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Daily Infographic: The paycheck protection program

The paycheck protection program(PPP), a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program helping businesses keep their workforces employed during the coronavirus pandemic, has supported nearly a third of transportation companies in the U.S.
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Shocks to Supply Chains Can Erase a Year’s Profit, McKinsey Says

Companies risk losing more than 40% of annual profit once a decade in a world threatened by trade wars, cyberattacks, pandemics and climate change, according to McKinsey & Co., which estimates the COVID-19 crisis could top $5 trillion in economic losses worldwide.
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Survey Shows More Women Moving Into Top Supply-Chain Jobs

Women are taking a greater share of top corporate supply-chain roles, with retail and consumer goods businesses showing the strongest leadership pipelines, according to a new report.
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COVID-19 triggers early trans-Pac peak season import spike

Retailers are forecasting that August could be the busiest month of an early and highly unusual trans-Pacific peak season following a July that saw US imports from Asia grow year on year for the first time since September 2019.
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