Global supply chain reaching ‘a critical moment in time’

Headlines on China’s port problems dominate the news cycle, but the ripple effects of the delta variant expand way beyond the Middle Kingdom.

Trade is a global network and only works efficiently when all participants are healthy and cooperative. The U.S./China trade war ignited the U.S./Asia supply chain expansion. The ravages of the delta variant, however, have destroyed this “diversification.”

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3 Ways Digitalisation Can Help Mitigate the Complexities of a Post-COVID-19 Supply Chain

Although supply chain managers understand that new technology can make the process easier, choosing the right tools can be difficult, thankfully, there are three digitalization solutions procurement specialists can utilize to address the challenges of the “next normal.”

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UPS delivers COVID-19 vaccines via temperature-controlled 

UPS Flight Forward, the logistics company’s drone subsidiary, plans to complete the first drone delivery of COVID-19 vaccines on Wednesday at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the company announced in a press release Tuesday.

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Dry Bulk Shipping Rates Soar as Commodities Rebound

For a glimpse at how fast demand for commodities has rebounded in the wake of the coronavirus, look no further than the market for shipping them. 

Monday marked the 10th consecutive increase for the Baltic Dry Index, a benchmark measure of commodity hauling costs that has surged to an 11-year high.

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