China bulker pileup dwarfs California container-ship gridlock

Container ships stuck off Los Angeles/Long Beach are grabbing the headlines — with a record-tying 40 at anchor on Friday. But there’s another massive shipping traffic jam out there, one that’s holding up even more cargo.

This other, less-publicized tale of seaborne gridlock is set in China and it’s not about container ships, it’s about dry bulk carriers.

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Toyota Cuts Shows Covid Ravaging Even Best Supply Planners

Toyota Motor Corp.’s efforts to stockpile enough chips and other key components to ride out supply disruptions only protected the company so long before it too succumbed to the shortages eviscerating automakers.

The manufacturer will suspend output at 14 plants across Japan for various lengths of time through next month. The impact of these cuts will be harshest in September, with Toyota slashing its production plan by 40%, though risks will carry forward beyond next month.

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Shortages and other challenges across liquor supply chain throw a wrench in summer rebound

“We’re at the mercy of the supply chain,” said the CFO of Brown-Forman, the maker of Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve.

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Retail freight proves a doorbuster for trucking

Retail activity, powered big league by e-commerce, is likely to keep on trucking through 2021. Consumers may have different needs after living through a pandemic.

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