Wind and water freight could make the industry more sustainable

A reversion to wind power for oceangoing vessels, at least as an assist, has been championed for decades, and could certainly help. But there are other plans afoot, and favoring waterborne over road is the way forward for the freight industry in general, according to Andrew Willner, executive director at The Center for Post Carbon Logistics.  

Ships Could Take Freight Off the Roads

The new, sustainable version of “intermodal” could mean combining road and rail with coastal and inland water whenever possible. Willner even envisions the emergence of a new class of freight service provider, a low-carbon third-party logistics provider, or LC3PL.

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Cargo-centric aiports outperform pure passenger traffic

Airports specializing in air cargo shipments have outperformed hybrid airports that also cater to passenger traffic during the current shipping slump, researchers at DePaul University said in a study released on Thursday.

Cargo-oriented airports have increasingly attracted cargo airlines and logistics companies because of their operational flexibility, reduced air and road congestion, available land for terminals to support dedicated freighters, lower fees, and faster customs clearance.

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Shippers turned to alternative carriers amidst UPS strike worries

Shippers added more carriers to their delivery mix in June and July as many prepared to mitigate disruptions from a potential UPS strike, according to project44 data released this month.

The average number of last-mile carriers per company account reached 6.17 in June, the highest project44 has recorded in a given month. That number remained nearly the same in July at 6.14 carriers per account.

UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters reached a tentative contract agreement on July 25, averting a feared Aug. 1 strike that would have severely disrupted the company’s network and further increased demand for alternative carriers. The window for union members to vote on the agreement closes Tuesday.

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