Importers lost their pricing power. How should they adapt?

The good news for U.S. importers: Demand for consumer goods continues to boom. The bad news: Shipments from Asia face massive delays and even when cargo finally arrives, it costs so much to transport that profit margins are slashed. The worse news: The shift in the balance of power from shippers to ocean carriers does not look temporary.

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Tesla faces ‘insane’ supply chain headwinds, from semiconductor shortages to port congestion

Tesla is working to scale aspects of its business including battery production, vehicle production, and technologies in its solar and wind segments. “We are building factories as quickly as we can,” Musk said. But the rest comes down to procurement.

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AI and Data, the Future of Supply Chain Management

Speeding the information flows and reducing inefficiencies equips supply chains to operate effectively, adapt quickly and evolve to meet competitive threats and exploit opportunities in the environment.

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3M warns of higher costs due to supply chain disruptions

U.S. conglomerate 3M Co (MMM.N) said supply chain disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic and the February winter storm were pushing its costs higher, after it posted a profit beat on pandemic-fueled demand for safety products.

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Toilet Paper Surplus, Ketchup And Semiconductor Chip Shortages – Supply Chain Forecasting Is Hard

Toilet paper now seems to be in ample supplyketchup packet shortages are vexing restaurants, and semiconductor chip shortages are causing major economic damage to automakers. Why is it so hard to get these supply chains straightened out, and what more thrills are likely in store?

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Earth Day: Supply Chain Going Green

Everyone in the Logistics and Supply Chain is affected by the perfect storm with record-high shipping rates, severely constrained capacity in all modes.  The calls for more Supply Chain Resiliency are louder than ever, yet a multi-dimensional optimization of alternate routing choices that could even attach a value to each ton of carbon emission appears on way to few radars.

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Expedited trans-Pacific LCL filling a growing niche

Major ocean freight consolidators in the U.S. market see no shortage in demand for expedited less-than-container load (LCL) service requests from freight forwarders during the ongoing global pandemic.

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