Platinum Cargo Logistics selects FMC-Trek! Ocean Tariff Publishing Platform

Freightgate announced today that Platinum Cargo Logistics has selected the FMC-Trek! Platform to fulfill its FMC ocean tariff publishing requirements. FMC-Trek!, using Web 2.0 SaaS+plus on-demand technology, streamlines Federal Maritime Commission ocean tariff publishing providing FMC compliance and real-time global collaboration.

FMC-Trek! is an intelligent and efficient ocean tariff publishing system designed to publish and maintain ocean tariffs with the least amount of human intervention. FMC-Trek! is able to accept information directly from Platinum Cargo’s booking system, validate it, and get it published with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission – only notifying Platinum Cargo if there are any rate conflicts with FMC regulations.

Platinum Cargo Logistics will achieve expanded management visibility from ocean tender procurement, shipping rate management, tariff publishing to ocean invoice auditing, plus all essential requirements to be compliant with FMC and U.S. Customs regulations. Martin Hubert, President and CEO of Freightgate, points to FMC-Trek! as the logistics industry’s leading Ocean Tariff Publishing Solution which will enable ocean vessel operators and NVOCCs like Platinum Cargo Logistics seamless integration into their customer booking system, reducing multiple entry, data inaccuracies, and even human reviews. “FMC-Trek! enhances the seamlessness of Platinum Cargo’s end-to-end transportation visibility and provides quick response to shipping requests while being fully compliant with FMC regulations” said Hubert.

“There is no doubt that this is an important direction for us. The ability to facilitate electronic FMC Ocean Tariff Publishing and global office coordination is necessary for Platinum’s continued Ocean Freight expansion as well as for our valued international customers,” said Jefferson Clay, Director of International. “We look forward to our partnership with Freightgate who is a step ahead of the competition in providing on-demand software solutions with real-time access for worldwide application.”

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