New Faster Cross-Modal Comparison Helps Shippers Make Better Shipment Routing Decisions

Freightgate’s new faster cross-modal comparison to help shippers make better shipment routing decisions as they seek capacity and cost-efficient alternatives to avoid congestion at the West Coast ports.

Freightgate, a global provider of Best in Class Logistics Cloud Solutions, announced today new faster cross-modal comparison to help shippers make better shipment routing decisions. The current West Coast Port congestion is creating shipment delivery delays for importers and exporters rippling through their entire global supply chains.

Freightgate’s new faster execution level, cross-modal comparison is the answer to shipment route planning powered by dynamic multi-leg routing. Predictive ‘What-If Scenarios’ offers routing and transport mode alternatives with cost and port to port or door to door transit time estimations. Shippers gain proactive agility instead of being reactive to the ever-changing global logistics environment. It equates to delivering the most timely knowledge and insights to ensure informed and rapid decision-making.

Within any logistics scenario there will be a multitude of dynamic situations, changing circumstances, variables both known and unknown, seasonal influences and other unique factors based on service capacity. Freightgate’s intelligent multi-dimensional routing engine calculates dynamic routing choices across different modes and inter-modal combinations. Supports all modes of Transport: Ocean, Air, Truck, Rail, and Courier. The new faster cross-modal comparison drives the demand for quicker, timely decision-making, rapid planning and predictive analytics to scenario responses of unplanned events.

“We are very excited to deliver our highly optimized cross-modal dynamic routing engine allowing for instant comparison even in complex routing scenarios,” states Martin Hubert, CEO of Freightgate.

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