Navigating Supply Chain Disruption During Difficult Times

People in the shipping industry are “..busy with reacting to carrier void sailings, finding back-up carriers, all while in the midst of rate renewals”.

Supply chains are dealing with unprecedented challenges, forcing them to find the resources required to increase agility and pivot when faced with roadblocks.

“Our team at Freightgate wants to make this as easy as possible to support the many businesses in need to find the right voyage during these turbulent times. We are now offering free access to view schedules and vessel positioning via the Freightgate Logistics Cloud Platform. We are donating up to $5 Million worth of free access to the first 1,500 users that sign up.”  says Martin Hubert, CEO & President of Freightgate.

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With COVID-19 posing critical challenges for businesses, many organizations are experiencing vulnerabilities related to their workforce, significant fluctuations in product demand and heavy supply chain disruption from the affected areas. Unpredictable events and uncertainty related to the pandemic continue to expand the scope of risks, highlighting the heightened need for crisis management and plans to build strategic, operational and financial resiliency across the industry.

Now is the time to start making strategic moves for your company’s future, to plan ahead, define your company’s supply chain, to overcome and come out stronger on the other end. Equip your business with the leading-edge technologies you need to run your supply chain and to help align your strategy with your risk appetite.

With Freightgate Logistics Cloud, we can help you through these difficult times by helping you achieve your supply chain goals with a platform to best fit your business. 

We have decades of experience delivering digital supply chain transformation services and software to shippers, 3PLs, and their customers. With one of the most flexible, vertically-integrated real-time global visibility platforms. With an impressive history, proven track record of innovation, and recognition from Insight Success as 2020’s Most Innovative SCM Solution Provider, the Freightgate team strives in creating solutions that help its customers generate exponential returns.

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