Freightgate’s Tariff-Trek! Supports New Multi-level Surcharges

Freightgate today announced that Tariff-Trek!, its contract rate and tariff management system, now supports multi-level surcharge structures that are emerging in the Steamship industry. Most notable is Maersk’s October announcement of a newly calculated CAF (currency adjustment factor) that will apply not only to the ocean freight, but to other transportation related surcharges as well

According to Maersk’s published information, the new CAF will apply to any and all of the following that may be part of an ocean move:

  • Basic Ocean Freight
  • Transport (or feeder) Additional
  • Congestion
  • War Risk
  • Dangerous Cargo
  • Special Equipment
  • Peak Season Charge
  • Winter Surcharge

In order to keep pace on behalf of its customers, Freightgate has built into Tariff-Trek! the flexibility to designate to which surcharges adjustment factors such as CAF should apply. This is important because it will affect everything from rating and routing decisions the ability to properly audit incoming freight bills.

Martin Hubert, President and CEO of Freightgate, points to this quick response to a fundamental market shift as further evidence of Freightgate’s customer commitment. “With Maersk’s position as a Steamship market leader, we feel it is only a matter of time before other lines follow suit with their own versions of multi-level surcharges. We want our customers to be fully prepared when that happens,” said Hubert.

For more specifics on the Maersk CAF formula and how it will be applied got to:

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