Freightgate’s Logistics Management Lifecycle Carbon Footprint Functionality

Freightgate, a global industry leader in Web 2.0 technology supply chain software solutions, today announced that it has launched innovative carbon footprint functionality in it’s signature PLTX Platform for the Logistics Management Lifecycle. This new carbon footprint functionality will help organizations capture, analyze and optimize the carbon footprint of their logistics and supply chains. For the first time supply chain executives will have operational efficiency, financial cost control and carbon emissions perspectives in one integrated SaaS+plus(tm) PLTX platform.

“There is growing interest in understanding the impact of various supply chain decisions on a company’s carbon emission footprint” states Martin Hubert, Freightgate President and CEO. Hubert continues by saying “companies have numerous options in how to address their energy use and environmental impact. However, analyzing the carbon impact for various sourcing decisions and logistics options has been difficult to impossible until now. Our technology provides a quick way of analyzing the carbon footprint of various logistics alternatives within the Logistics Management Lifecycle.”

Using Freightgate’s WISA module within it’s PLTX Platform, a company will be able to generate different supply change scenarios that compare operational, financial and environmental impact of their supply chain. The WISA results will help determine which scenario is environmentally sound while at the same time being financially and operationally viable.

Companies can no longer ignore their impact on the environment. Just recently the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said it might hold discussions on a proposed carbon tax to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Companies using Freightgate’s innovative carbon footprint functionality will be able to simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and total supply chain costs in a collaborative initiative. Freightgate understands a supply chain is optimized when it is meeting or exceeding its customer service objectives and it is operating at minimal carbon footprint with minimal total transportation spend. Carbon footprint functionality is another example how Freightgate is helping companies with the challenges of supply chain optimization and carbon emissions compliance.

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About Freightgate
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