Freightgate Predicts Supply Chain Trends Impacting Shippers and Logistics Providers in 2016

Fountain Valley, California January 13, 2016

Freightgate, the Premier Innovation Leader in cloud computing and mobile applications for logistics and global supply chain management, released today their analysis of significant 2016 trends that will impact shippers and logistics service providers. More companies are likely to form alliances with their technology partners to boost the scope of their supply chain visibility and initiatives to improve delivery times, well-organized product handling, and overall cost savings geared towards delivering tangible competitive advantages. In 2016, there will be further development of core logistics fundamentals to strengthen processes with more transparency. The engagement of company operations, sales, finance with technology suppliers, logistics providers, and transport carriers working together as a cross-functional team will be on the top of the list.

Freightgate has identified three core fundamentals of supply chain management that shippers and logistics providers should focus on in 2016.

Building Collaborative Relationships.
The direct effect that one partner has on another cannot be understated in the logistics lifecycle. Shippers, logistics providers, and technology suppliers working together produce results far more competitive and agile than the traditional silo mindset. Companies will continue to downsize their in-house IT departments forming long-term relationships with technology leaders who have the capabilities to continually deliver and implement innovative solutions to solidify their dominate competitive positions. Having shared goals and the same understanding of what needs to be achieved is critical to success. Collaboration has been a trend for years, but now it is a matter of survival in the fiery competitive global marketplace. Freightgate’s cloud technology for logistics and global supply chain management is not just software, it’s a shared leadership platform with united vision.

EDI Persists.
While new and exciting technologies such as REST are helping to make Data Interchange more immediate and powerful, traditional EDI will continue to be a vital component in supply chain management. To succeed in today’s global marketplace with its array of different technologies and ERP systems, an effective EDI solution is a requirement for doing business. EDI solutions need to be robust, responsive, adaptable with data security in various applications of Cloud, ASP, SaaS, XML, and web-based environments. In order to leverage these new emerging opportunities and take advantage of routinely updated and improved EDI standards, companies and their trading partners need to either enter the vicious cycle of never ending upgrades and trying to keep them synchronized across an ever growing global data exchange mesh, or start to take advantage of shared hybrid EDI solutions in the cloud. Either way companies must adopt a flexible and agile EDI strategy to stay compliant and maintain transparency with their vendors. Freightgate’s cloud technology provides shippers and logistics providers a comprehensive, cloud based EDI Platform that is scalable, data secured and connects easily with virtually any trading partner.

Total Cost Perspective – Profit Maximization.
Global companies conduct business in a fast-paced, constantly changing, risky interconnected world with information overload. How does a company process information coming from various disparate suppliers involved in manufacturing and transportation to get 360 visibility and total perspective of shipping costs, timeliness of delivery to maximize profits? Managing complexity, making the right decision in seconds requires a technology partner that has the in-depth experience and proven ability to develop a holistic view integrating all aspects of the supply chain operations, including procurement processes to control costs and improve efficiencies. A multi-dimensional approach and data-driven optimization is required to create the best plan of action for supply chain management success. Freightgate’s TMS Platform is the perfect solution to analyze, manage and control all related transportation aspects including considering finance charges for in-transit inventory.

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