Climate change is poised to receive a much bigger spotlight in 2021 as President-elect Joe Biden‘s incoming administration puts a renewed focus on tackling various environmental and energy issues.

Biden has made combating climate change one of his top priorities when he enters office and has set a goal to make the U.S. carbon neutral by 2050 while pushing different ways to reduce emissions. In our recent post, we covered top priorities for the new adminstration.

Here’s how Freightgate is revolutionizing the supply chains carbon footprint:

Smart Procurement Options

Today there are smart procurement practices allowing companies to consider carbon emissions of their transportation choices.  Assigning values e.g. driven by the cost of carbon offsets; first by transporting their cargo on the most optimized route, another logical step for companies to set targets and report logistics emissions across their global supply chain. 

Using a product like Freightgate’s procurement solutions a company is able to measure and track emissions from their global supply chain, plus provide insight on smart procurement practices to minimize the emissions and provide the most optimal route for shipments to reduce supply chain costs as well as reduce impact on the environment.

Strategic RFP Process

As Carbon Emissions and sustainability are regaining momentum for global supply chain networks — collecting relevant information during an upcoming RFP is a great starting point. Being able to collect and model based on CO2 impact has become important both on the buying and selling side. Freightgate offers native support for execution level CO modelling as part of the Logistics Cloud platform, positioning our customers with strategic advantages for the future. 

As the freight industry evolves, innovative companies all around the world coming up with creative ways to improve the impact on the environment.  Re-engeniering the way we transport goods internationally and domestically to advance the health, safety and our future.

Recyclable IoT Trackers 

Committed to Sustainability and a better future for all together with our Sister company Tive, Freightgate offers some of the most advanced IoT trackers in the market a natural vertically extension, perfectly augmenting the PO and Shipment VIsibility and Event Management with IoT trackers.   But to preserve precious resources we offer a comprehensive recycling program.  Especially with the 5G and 2G Solo single-use trackers weighing less than 100g, our customers can now add the best IoT tracking without it weighing on the environmental conscience or noticeably on their shipment.   

Together both private and government sectors can do there best at focusing on how we can provide a greener future.