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Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs
Reduce Admin Costs
Take control of your processes

5 tenders for $5k for our Global Tender Management System

*Offer ends December 30th, 2020. We are confident in the power of our Tender Solution that we will run the tender answering process for you. Limitations do apply.

Global Tender Management – Black Friday Special

GTM-Trek is a powerful application designed to manage the critical Procurement stage of the Logistics Management Lifecycle. It generates and processes complex tenders for shippers and carriers in a consistent and efficient manner, enabling analysis, optimization and better strategic decisions.

Key Features
  • Web-service enabled and SOAP 1.1. compliant (like all products in the PLTX suite)
  • The ability to convert and manage incoming RFP and RFQ documents upon receipt.
  • A knowledge base to answer frequently asked questions with direct cut and paste.
  • A common platform to your Field Offices in order to complete the data in a consistent fashion.
  • Lookup and auto-complete support for standard selling rates.
  • Management reports on a field and corporate level in order to ensure timely completion.
  • The ability to handle User-dependent views based on responsibility for enhanced efficiency and security.
  • Export functions for the consolidated rates into the target format.
  • Exception reporting to catch unusual data variances (e.g. rates below 80% suggested selling rate).
  • Yield-Trek! analysis to determine profitability (optional)


Reduce Overall Supply Chain Costs
  • Manage your bid process
  • Capture all responses for comparison by trade lane, business unit, or individual point pairs.
  • Leverage your data as a source to auto-complete and 10x your tenders times. 
Reduce Admin Costs
  • Automatically generate the tenders from your shipping profiles, whether historical or forecasted or both.
  • Enable providers to upload their own responses and manage their own tenders online.
  • Automatically populate rate database with tender results.
  • Manage by exception based on rate status.
  • Clone tenders with ease for simple distribution.
  • Map incoming RFIs to your standard templates for consistent use by your employees and agents.
  • Export into the original format with the reverse mapping tool.
Improve Control and Processes
  • By allowing both off-line and online changes and permission-based view segmentation you can delegate review and exception handling to local competence centers.
  • Analyze the tenders against shipment profiles to determine bottom-line impact using the WISA engine.

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