FreightGate, a leader in logistics cloud platform technology, is at the forefront of industry innovations once again, this time addressing the implications of imminent carbon taxation for global shippers, forwarders, and carriers.

With discussions of a carbon tax growing in global forums as per the recent World Bank statistics International shipping, responsible for 80% of global trade volume and 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, could see carbon emissions grow by 90-130% by 2050. The International Maritime Organization aims to halve these emissions by 2050, partially through a carbon tax, which could raise $40-$60 billion annually between 2025-2050. These funds could speed decarbonization, promote investment in zero-carbon fuels, maritime infrastructure, and efficiency in logistics, especially in vulnerable regions like Sub-Saharan Africa. With the right distribution framework, this could ensure an equitable transition, particularly for the most climate-vulnerable countries.

FreightGate acknowledges the profound changes this will introduce to the logistics and supply chain industry. Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is already poised to adapt to such progressive regulatory shifts.

 “At FreightGate, we strive to stay one step ahead,” says Martin Hubert, Founder & CEO. Our Sustainability Achievements in Reduction of CO2 emissions have helped clients reduce their carbon emissions by optimizing container routings of 2.5 million containers, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain. “Environmental responsibility is no longer an option; it’s an imperative. Our TMS platform has been designed to seamlessly incorporate carbon emission considerations, ensuring our clients are ready to navigate these changes.”

FreightGate’s robust TMS provides effective solutions to manage supply chain workflows, even within the context of carbon taxation. With a commitment to aiding shippers, forwarders, and carriers in making more informed, sustainable decisions, FreightGate has made this a central focus.

As the prospect of carbon taxes becomes increasingly likely, FreightGate’s TMS is set to incorporate this development. “We are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools to maintain operational efficiency while staying ahead of the curve in sustainable practices,” adds Martin Hubert.

About FreightGate FreightGate is an industry-leading provider of best-in-class logistics cloud solutions, assisting global shippers, forwarders, and carriers in effectively managing their supply chain workflows. Committed to innovation, FreightGate continually delivers ground breaking solutions in logistics and supply chain management.